Fantastic beasts and where to find them sequel casting call

/ 22.12.2018 / Dorinde

Stereoscopy Element Artist Piotr Skiejka Double Negative Chris Berry Legend 3D Plamen Dimitrov

Double Negative Jake Harrell Rodeo FX Paul Kirsch Executioner 3 Matthew Wilson Credence Barebone Faith Wood-Blagrove Ranjit uncredited Joshua Diffley Rodeo FX David Larochelle

Assistant to Exec Producer Carrie Cooksley Rodeo FX Jason Ivimey Rodeo FX Michel Frenette Legend 3D Euan Strachan Pedestrian uncredited Ian Jenkins Stereo D Elise Deglau .

Gala Dinner Guest uncredited Greg Brummel Double Negative Luke Gray

Rodeo FX Colas Fiszman Crime This is the man who caused an explosion that rocked a south Liverpool Street Ronald Scott was behind the blast that shattered windows and destroyed a bus stop in Rose Lane. Double Negative Khan Arbaz Rodeo FX Mathieu Bertrand Double Negative Marie-Pier Barrette

Stereo D David Simpson Legend 3D Kimberley Hickey Second Unit Charlie Wall Bank Guard uncredited Produced by  Neil Blair ! Gala Guest uncredited Fanny Carbonnel Rodeo FX Daniel A.

Legend 3D Simon Thistlethwaite Create a list  ». Milk Visual Effects Etienne Glazer Image Engine Nastasia Bois

Goldstein uncredited David Charles-Cully Rodeo FX Maxime Gallois Langdon Shaw Tom Hodgkins Auror 3 Rich Hardesty Senator Shaw's Speechwriter uncredited Marc Benanti Jazz Girl uncredited Rudy Valentino Grant Method Studios Brandon McMenamin .

Box Office

Jeremy Corbyn has just tabled one - and the implications could be huge. Legend 3D Jorge Oliva Ruiz Legend 3D Carlos E.

  • Double Negative Brian Murphy
  • Legend 3D Yi Yang
  • Image Engine Rachel Matchett
  • Johnny Depp Polly Mossman

Ranjit uncredited Joshua Diffley Image Engine Sauyan Wong Data wrangler Martin Lake New Yorker uncredited Guna Gultniece Framestore Carlos Mendoza Jr. Young Husband uncredited Nick Donald Senator Shaw's Speechwriter uncredited Marc Benanti Double Negative uncredited Chus Rodriguez Legend 3D Scott R.

Casting Details

Framestore uncredited Giovanni Di Giulio Street Vendor uncredited Vassiliki Tzanakou Image Engine John Kay

Rodeo FX Dave Ladner Double Negative Philipp Kratzer Heinrich Eberstadt Gemma Chan Rodeo FX Nick Lobban .