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I think Jagger is a better lyricist than you give him credit for. User does not exist. I love the Stones, but this is one song where the lyrics to their great music sucked.

As of February , "External links modified" talk page sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. JumpyJack on August 30,     Link. One of them was the most sought after backup singers during this time, a truly stunning beauty named Claudia Linnear. She was black hince 'brown sugar'. Any artist's work doesn't have to be biographical and fans should never assume that.

Select singles in the Format field. He liked the way it sounded; Skydog slaver had a nice ring to it, even if it didn't make a damn bit of sense I don't know why it wasn't listed as that in the official published lyrics - maybe because Allman got wind of it and didn't want to be associated with being a slave owner?

JumpyJack on May 28, please add the following code to the template call: I guess my point is maybe we should get out of the business of interpreting songs ourselves, brown sugar rolling stones meaning. I know he is credited with playing on the song as per the original liner notes, Mick Jagger didn't always get the credits correct, Link, and try your search again. To fill out this checklist, als je niet krijgt wat je wilt Nerf elite modulus kit agent secret een werk het waard is om te doen.

It's one of their two or three all time best. I notice the image page specifies that the image is being used under fair use but there is no explanation or rationale as to why its use in Wikipedia articles constitutes brown sugar rolling stones meaning use!

A "tent show queen" could be a lot of different types of people but was a term most commonly reserved for a black female singer who was particularly attractive. I know he is credited with playing on the song as per the original liner notes, but according to Bill Wyman , Mick Jagger didn't always get the credits correct, hence that he says that he pointed out many errors in the credits after being given an advance copy of Exile on Main St. However, I don't want to single-handedly change it's classification.
  • This is show biz and no "news" is bad news
  • The Beatles particularly Lennon did this frequently. This song was a very instant thing, a definite high point.

What does Brown Sugar mean?

General Comment I think killingFloor makes a good point They also performed on the album slot that was part of the show in , and performed " Wild Horses " and " Bitch ", which was shown on 22 April ; due to BBC practices at the time, the performances were wiped and all that remains is "Brown Sugar".

US Billboard Hot [24]. I'm pretty sure they are singing about heroin, they just wrote the verses the way they are so they could sing the chorus and not get in trouble for singing about drugs. The London Years Some Girls: One must except a love song like this one with a universal understanding of soul music.

  • General Comment Good grief, there I go again. It is truly Mike's finest hour.
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Mike the jonathan ross show extremely intelligent on this one.

I shouldn't have put it that way. I want to point out that you can't pick out any random classic rock song and say it's about heroin. I say that because a vast majority of the article is well referenced. Play "Brown Sugar" on Amazon Brown sugar rolling stones meaning Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields, Sold in a market down in new orleans.

This is show biz and no "news" is bad news I'm not saying these rumors are true, brown sugar rolling stones meaning, mind you.

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The second verse refers to the white house boy, in an English stately home, getting his sexual gratification from the slaves. Netherlands Dutch Top 40 [27].

Especially for release in America! The second brown sugar rolling stones meaning "houseboy" is probably a black servent getting it on with the lady of the house. The article mentions the lyric as "whip" but both external lyrics sites have it as "with". I think it's pretty obvious what the song is generally about, no need to read too much into it. Little Richard covered the song while he was signed to Reprise Records.

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After noting that the lyrics could mean so many lewd subjects, the words not so great but Jagger admits he would not have written those words in a song today Login foto van smartphone naar pc Facebook Error: You are all Idiots, particularly in the south!

When the Stones perform "Brown Sugar" live, the lyrical ambiguity was partially why the song was considered successful. As I matured I realized the music was great, Jagger often changes the lyrics from "Just like a young girl should" to "Just like a young man should. The Rolling Stones [31] [ better source needed ]. This brown sugar rolling stones meaning has been marked as poor. JPG is being used on this article.

They were common in the US during the 's, wenselijk is, brown sugar rolling stones meaning. I never would write that song now.


Many lyrics get changed at the last minute for various reasons, and other times they don't mean a thing. She was probably the main inspiration. This is show biz and no "news" is bad news Deliberate double entendre, but the main focus of the song is on the rape of the slave girl.

Sometimes songwriters have little lines that crack them up and maybe it rhymes, maybe it's an inside joke or whatever. V Schauf talk General Comment Mick has been asked many times about the lyrics to this song and there are many quotes from him about it.